How to prevent your car's injectors from failing?

Your car's injectors play a crucial role in spraying fuel inside the engine's combustion chambers. This system, whether direct or indirect depending on the model, is essential for efficient combustion. In this article, find out everything you need to know about injector wear: how to recognize the signs, the consequences of driving with a faulty injector, and the importance of using a quality injector cleaner!

How to recognize a faulty injector?

If one or more of your car's injectors no longer work correctly, unusual events will occur. Thus, they can take the following various forms:

  • A fuel leak under your car: if the injector leaks, the fuel will flow under the vehicle and form a puddle. This sealing problem often comes from a damaged injector seal;
  • The engine loses power: the engine is no longer able to have as much power as usual because there are combustion problems;
  • An increase in fuel consumption: as the fuel leaks or is injected in too large a quantity, excess fuel consumption will occur;
  • The exhaust emits black smoke: incomplete or even incorrect combustion causes thick smoke from the exhaust pipe;
  • Difficulty starting the vehicle: you will have to put the key in the ignition several times before the vehicle can start. If the injectors are very damaged, the car will no longer start at all;
  • Engine misfires are present during the acceleration phase: it risks experiencing jerks or gaps during acceleration because combustion is not optimal;
  • A fuel odor is felt in the passenger compartment: as part of the fuel is not burned and is stagnating in the engine, this type of odor can be felt in the passenger compartment.

In some circumstances, the injector may not be defective, but rather the injector seal may require replacement. To precisely determine the origin of the malfunction, it is recommended to consult an automotive professional.

The Benefits of Universal Injector Cleaner:

The presented universal injector cleaner offers a complete solution for the maintenance of the automobile injection system. Its comprehensive action extends to all components such as injectors, pump, valves and the combustion chamber, thus guaranteeing overall cleanliness. By improving spray pattern, increasing fuel flow and effectively removing internal and external deposits, this cleaner helps restore peak engine performance.

In addition, this product provides environmental benefits by reducing pollutant emissions and fuel consumption, thus supporting the preservation of the environment. Its compatibility with particle filters makes it a versatile solution for different types of vehicles. In addition, its economical nature and the money-back guarantee provide users with assurance regarding the effectiveness and quality of the product, thus strengthening its reliability in the market.

Should you use injector cleaner?

The injector cleaner is an ideal solution to simply maintain your injectors and ensure greater longevity. With a composition enriched in active ingredients, it degreases the fuel circuit, cleans the combustion chambers and eliminates water residues. This product must be added to the fuel door before refueling. In addition, regular cleaning limits the formation of carbon and ensures good engine performance over time. It can be carried out as a preventative measure every 6,000 kilometers or as a curative measure if one of the injectors seems clogged.

When an injector is faulty, respond quickly by starting with a thorough cleaning with NoLeaky Injector Cleaner to remove deposits. If the malfunction persists, consult a mechanic near you to replace the HS injector. Keep in mind that NoLeaky Injector Cleaner is recognized as the best choice for maintaining the cleanliness and performance of your injectors.